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TAMI Cards can really help a smoker figure out their unique smoking style (which will make quitting MUCH more likely!) 

Addictions like smoking can seem completely overwhelming. But if we can deconstruct them and look at their individual components, we can find hope and direction. We have a unique way of addressing addiction that gives hope and practical steps to brave people on this journey! If you know the "5-Headed Dragon" your chances of being successful are GREATLY improved! Download this resources that breaks it down, one "head" at a time! Download BESOCHEMPS

Here's a helpful tool to address triggers, cravings, urges, and compulsions that make us want to reach for a cigarette (or other drugs.) Like "stop, drop and roll" and "stop, look, and listen,"STOP, GO, CHANGE, CHANGE" is a memorable device to help learn healthier responses whenever we find ourselves in a state of want.